Friday, April 15, 2016


Today I have the day off from work.  The first moment of waking is so clear, so revealing, it's too bad we miss it on work days, what with jumping out of bed and getting ready to go.  Today, as I gradually come awake, my eyes roam around my little home.  It's a cozy, small place, just right for me.  There are windows on three sides; east, south and west.  In the morning, I can watch the sun rise from my futon.  I can also see the sun make it's annual journey from due east, to the north in summer, and way, way down south in winter.  My pots of herbs sit on the window sill in the morning sun: Oregano, Rosemary, Basil and Sage.  This is such a sweet little place.

This morning as I lay on my futon, scanning the room, something feels "not quite right."  Not bad, but not right.  In an instant, it comes to me.  There is clutter.  On the shelf by the west window, in the little wooden bowl on the butcher block table, on the nightstand, the kitchen counters and in the bathroom, where I cannot see right now, but I know it's there.  And it's bugging me.

It's a fine line for me, this neatness thing.  I like a casual place, and I enjoy having my things at hand. But there seems to be a threshold too.  Maybe it reflects my inner process.  Today, I want my little place to be tidy, welcoming and kind.

Oddly enough, I am attracted to the yoga mat first.  On reflection, I suppose that is not odd.  I want to tidy up in this body before I tidy up the house.  I prefer quiet this morning as I take my Vinyasa, flowing from Cat/Cow to Forward Fold, Plank, Down Dog, Peaceful Warrior.  The moves are like home now.  And when I'm done, I feel tidy in my physical self.

Now it's time for the sweet little studio.  All the odd bits of stuff have a place.  Do I use this every day?  Leave it on the counter.  My French knife, my little cooking pot, toothbrush, drinking cup.  Everything else has a place.  And I find those places while Dizzy Gillespie and his background singers fill the air.

I make some food, eat.  And lay down and sleep for an hour.  Spring sunshine floods my studio when I wake.  And I'm off, to walk in the woods, have a beer, listen to some music.