Life-Changing Books

That's quite a title to live up to, I realize.   So I'll be selective in listing books about health and food that are really worth a look:

Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante Heneploa Gunarantana

This is THE work on mindfulness.

The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell.

The largest epidemiological study ever done.  Most of these finds have not seen any space in the major media.  They are very well repeated, however, and very clear.

Diary of a Mad Cowboy, by Howard Lyman

This is not typical of the "scare you out of eating meat" genre.  That material while accurate, is not effective, I believe at changing minds.  This is different.  It's the story of one man changing his mind.

Healthy at 100, by John Robbins

This book will not preach at you, or insist that you be a "vegetarian."  It's a look at people all over the world who don't grow old the way the rest of us do.  It's a look at how they live, and how we can emulate them.

The Relaxation Response, by Herbert Benson

Most people have heard of the Fight of Flight response, and how damaging it is in our modern lives.  But relatively few know that there is symmetrical response that counter-acts it.  It is simple, free and very healthy.  It's also enjoyable.  Benson documented it, and told the world how to do it.

more to come...