Yoga Over Fifty

At 58 years of age, I decided to begin a yoga practice.  I'm my sixth month of practicing yoga almost daily now, and the changes are remarkable.  If you think you are "too old" to get a benefit from yoga, you are mistaken, no matter how old you are!  Follow my experience here, and be inspired to have your own.

May 21, 2016

This morning I was sweeping the kitchen floor and I saw a dime there.Without a thought, I bent over to pick it up.  I had retrieved the coin and put it in the basket on my kitchen table before I realized that I had made the trip to the floor and back in an easy, flowing, effortless motion.  If you're over fifty, that probably means something to you.

That's when I realized that yoga was changing my life.

It might seem like a small thing, but it was an indicator of much, much bigger changes that a yoga practice has brought into my life.  These days, my energy stays constant all day long, my posture is tall and relaxed and just feel comfortable in my body.  Each morning after my routine, I stand at the head of the mat, press my palms together and lift my chest toward the sky, while reminding my self that the world is made of loving light.  That knowledge carries forward into my day, and I find I respond differently to the events of the day.  I notice the good more, and I recover from the bad more quickly.  There is a new ease in my life, a patience and acceptance and an ability to enjoy.  My weight is down, and I seem less tempted to overeat.

All this from yoga?  Yes!

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