Monday, February 7, 2011

Breafast at the Morning Glory

Yesterday we had breakfast at the Morning Glory cafe here in Eugene.  When I say "we," I mean I had invited a couple friends.  They  in turn invited a couple more, and we wound up with a lively and lovely group of six: me, George, Rob, Faliesha, Cheri and her daughter Brooklyn (there's gotta be story behind that name, I must remember to ask).

It is so gracious to see this group of interested  and motivated people grow and gather momentum!  Books, ideas, websites and enthusiasm for good food were traded all around. Many of us were strangers to each other, but when we left, we were all "hugging terms."  Fantastic!

I followed it up with a hike up Spencer's Butte, very gratified to making this ascent in better time every time I go.  Also, there is something new to see every time.  There is old growth on this hill, one tree in particular is easily wider than both of my outstretched arms, which would make it more than 18 feet in circumference.  There is Madrone here too, and yesterday I spotted one that has to be forty feet tall.  So thin and stately, so rich in color with their deep red wood and dark green leaves.  At the top, clouds raced overhead only a thousand feet above the summit.  And bright beams of sunlight shone down into Eugene, moving across the neighborhoods, illuminating first West Eugene, Then Friendly Street, and then downtown.

I sat on the summit and watched the show, nibbled some lunch.  And then down the hill to have a beer with Rob and George at the 'Lope.


  1. Hey, that's the place Amelia and I found once on a trip one September through Eugene, I think with Clayton, to or from the HSC campout (California homeschoolers & friends/family at Patrick's Point). Liked it.

  2. Ahhhh It was so much fun I would agree! I love it there so much! We always have a great time!!! And her real name is Brooke but we all just call her Brooklyn haha You rock!!!!!!!!!