Friday, May 23, 2014

On Your Left

This morning on the river path, the cottonwood blossoms are making a summer snowstorm.  They ride the breeze down from the heights of the trees, cross the path in front of me, and mostly fall in the river.  There's cloud cover today and the air is just cool enough to make it comfortable walking.  Bikes spin by on my left, punctuated by calls of "on your left," cheerfully given as the rider passes by.

Every time I go for a walk, the magic happens; the cares that sit on my mind fade to the background, and the experience of walking takes over.  The scenery floats by at just the right pace to be enjoyed.  Cares fade, and joy deepens.

Soon I am past the river path and into the city streets, and the scenery is less natural.  Still, the rythm of walking is with me.  I am in the city, but as a pedestrian, I'm connected to the people around me. Smiles and hellos are common; I collect them, to be savored later, as my day goes by, each connection with another person precious, no matter how casual.

At the office, I greet my team and work begins.  But the day has a certain luster because it began with a walk on the river path.

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