Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Laughter, Elightenment

Today I'm walking down the quiet streets of Eugene with my friend, returning to the office from lunch.  The streets here are lined with trees, some reaching all the way across the street.  At this time of year, the leaves have turned, and we walk under a tunnel of gold, brown and yellow.  And then I say something that my friend thinks is awfully funny.  She starts laughing, so hard that she has to stop walking.  Her laughter makes me laugh, and it makes me say more things that make her laugh more.

When the laughter dies down, we realize that we have been completely present for a few minutes.  Sure it's a break from our cares.  But also, when we return to our cares, we see them in a new way.  Now they are just cares, to be dealt with.  They are not the real world.  We have just come from the real world, a world of quiet streets and autumn leaves in brilliant colors.

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