Saturday, March 19, 2016

New view

From my living room window I can just barely see Spencer's Butte in the distance, where I hike all through our mild winters here in Oregon valley.  This morning, standing at the window while I drink coffee, I realize it is not visible.  There is huge maple tree in the way.  It is a big round blob of soft green, because it's beginning to leaf out.

For a moment it seems odd, because I've been looking at my little mountain in the misty distance all winter.  I know I can see it from here.  And then I do see it, through the green haze of the budding maple leaves.  It's right there behind the maple tree.  It's just that through the winter, there were no leaves on the tree to get in the way of the view.

I don't mind, I guess.  The maple tree is good to look at too.  And I look forward now to a new process, a new view; as the leaves on the maple tree mature, the hill behind it will gradually disappear.  It will be back though.  In the fall.

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