Friday, May 27, 2016

Yoga Morning

This morning when I rise, I can't wait to get to the yoga mat.  It isn't always like this, but I love it when the practice calls me.  I put on some Debussy and sit cross-legged on the mat, in front of my wide living room window.  The light is still low, the sun not yet up.  And it's perfectly quiet, except for Claire de Lune coming from the iPad.

As I start to move, my mind clears.  The cares of the day had begun to press into me, taking over my awareness.  But the joy of movement quiets these thoughts, over powers them; it isn't time yet to attend to these things, and there is nothing I can do about them right now anyway.

I move into cat-cow and do some rhythmic breathing, synchronizing with the movement.  From there, to the pigeon pose, and up to forward fold.  A slight smile spreads across my face, from the pure joy of movement.  I wind down into a bridge and finally, Savasana, for a few minutes until I stand, face the sun and clasp hands toward my heart.  The light is full now, the sun shining in my face.  I feel so grateful to have health, movement and positive outlook on the new day.

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