Sunday, March 27, 2011

5 Rites

This little collection of yoga-like exercises is so easy to do, and gives a huge payoff.  They come from Tibet, and they can be done in a few minutes, with no equipment.  There's a little book out, but you can also find all the info you need on-line; just google "the 5 rites."

Most sources suggest working your way up to 21 repetitions of each of the 5 rites.  Here's my advice:  do three or four reps of each, until the habit is firmly in your life.  That way, it doesn't seem like a huge thing.  You'll still get the benefit, and you can add reps gradually as you go.

These rites can be seen as just good exercise, but they are designed to massage and stimulate each of the endocrine glands in turn, and the associated chakras, or engery centers of the body.  If ya believe in that sorta thing.  If you don't, try them anyway.  If you feel better, it's working.

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