Monday, March 21, 2011


                On the South East side of Spencer’s Butte, maybe 500 feet from the summit, there is a giant.  I see her every time I walk the Butte, and it has become a ritual to just lay my hand on her solid, abiding foundation as I go by, usually with my breath rushing in and out.  She is Psuedo Tsuga Metasisi, a Douglas Fir.  By my best estimate, she is eight feet through at the ground, and she is easily 150 feet tall.  She could be three hundred years old.  She stands at the top of wide ravine, with views to the east and south.  Her limbs start about fifty feet up.  They are thick and gnarled, and they all lean downwards, as if to express the weight of time she has spent standing here.
                She needs a name.  And I can’t think of one.  It should reflect an ancient wisdom, but also a timeless youth, and exuberance for living that time cannot erase, and a calm and reassuring spirit in the face of any and all emotional weather.  Because this is what she’s given me, these past several months.
                Please join me in finding a name for my latest spiritual advisor.  Tell me what you think her name should be and why.  Post it here, or on face book,  I’ll find it either way.  And if I choose your name, I will take you to her, and introduce you.

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