Friday, February 4, 2011

Exercise: Ixnay.

Friday is the first day of my weekend these days, because I work four long days Monday through Thursday.  Last night I went to bed feeling very worn out from work stress.  I was contemplating at least one do-nothing day before Monday rolls around.  But this morning I woke rested and refreshed.  There was a text from Zane and Meridy: "how 'bout we climb outside today?" 

Well, yeah.  The weather's been so nice it would be a shame to waste it.  We'll meet at the little sixty foot climbing cliff here in Eugene, called the columns.  I wanted to put the slackline up on Sunday, maybe invite some people out to the park.  But I'm also very excited to get another good long walk in, like last week.  There's a trail just east of Spencer's Butte I haven't tried yet.  The map shows switchbacks, so I know it's steep.  That will have to be Saturday.  I'll throw some weight in the pack, some water, maybe some bread and hummus and an apple, and make a day of it.

And suddenly my do-nothing weekend is full.  Full of fun that just kind of grew on it's own.  There will be sunshine, and good people, some thrills and some meditative, calming walking.  And there wil be not one bit of exercise in the whole scenario.

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