Saturday, February 5, 2011

Intentional Eating

This morning I wake feeling hungry.  But before I decide what to eat, I check in briefly with the sensation of hunger, and ask two questions:

How hungry am I?  What am I hungry for?

These are the two main questions recommended in a practice called Intentional Eating.  It is essentially a minfullness practice connected to eating, and it is very powerful.  How hungry?  Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10.  That might feel silly at first, but stay with it.

Then run down the list of flavors and foods in your head.  What sounds good?  What foods or flavors seem to stand out in bold print in your mind?  Colorful, like fruit?  Savory?  Starchy?  Today, after consideration, I choose two slices of whole wheat toast, with some peanut butter, and it seems just right.

The process of asking the questions and waiting for the answers slows me down, and I enjoy every bite of my small meal, savoring.

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  1. Hi Bobby, thanks to Kessina for Facebook comment that you have a blogspot. I am commenting on this latest post at your "home" section, because it hasa click for Comment, when I actually want to comment on the item in your "Food News" section. About bread recipe: my husband John (who's serious about reducing sodium enough to matter) has a lead that salt also is unnecessary, as in Tuscan bread. I think it may involve other changes to the breadmaking recipe. So I should ask him to follow up and let us know. Leads me to a question about blogspot: is it only the "home" section that allows you to post by date & collect comments from your readers, while the other "pages" listed on the right don't allow posts with comments? I am collecting some articles and outlines I'd like to blog, and so I am looking for a blog app that allows posts to various different categories (tabs or pages).
    I am asking you questions because I understand (and hope) that blogs allow comments on comments.
    --Jeanne (Amelia's mom)