Saturday, February 5, 2011

Exercise: Ixnay, Redux

What a great day yesterday, back on real rock for the first time since the surgery!  Afterwards, I was charged, feeling so "high" emotionally and physically, for hours.  This morning, I reconsider the long hike I had scheduled for today.  I need a rest day.  So I wind up journaling and walking by the river, stopping every so often to juggle.  The day finds it's own rythm, a more contemplative day than I had planned.

Tomorrow, if it's nice out, I'll meet Mike at the columns.  I was so close on that one route, and there's another I really want to project on.  Now I've had a taste again, I can't get enough of real rock.  If it rains, I'll go for the hike I had planned instead, and I'll have the woods pretty much to myself.  Either way, it'll be a fun day.

And so the concept, the feel of it, is brought back to me again.  Even when I think there is, there is no schedule.  Body, mind and emotions set the schedule.  Of course, progress requires dedication, so it's a fine blance.  But the more I give in to just enjoying, the less it feels like work and the more it feels like play.

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