Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chips and Cookies, and a Powerful Solution

I just get the little bag, on the way home from the grocery store.  It's a compromse, a body con, a thing to get me through the emotions of the day, until I get home, cook, eat, watch a movie.  So I was curious why, with all the activity, my weight is holding pretty stable.  I'm pretty conservative with the junk food.

The empty bag from last night's little cheese doodle fix is tucked under the driver's seat of my car.  The bag says they are 160 calories.  Per serving.  There are 3.5 servings in the bag.  The cookie wrapper from yesterday says the cookie in the single wrapper has 250 calories.  Per serving.  And it says the cookie is two servings (which, as far as I am concerned is a lot like saying, during sex, "that's okay, I'll have an orgasm next time.")

This "servings per bag" nonsense is deliberate cruelty and flim-flam, perpetrated by evil corporations.  No wonder I'm as active as a teenager and still twenty pounds overweight.  If I eat the cookie and the chips in one day, just one cookie, and just the little bag of chips, that's 1,060 calories!  More than half of what I should be eating in a day.

Who knew?  Probably everyone but me, to be honest.  But I also have a solution.  Because my engineer mind never really went away, I can't stop doing math.  And math brain gave me a powerful solution to this problem.

Craving savory or salty?  Toast a piece of whole wheat bread and slather it with healthy spread.  It's about the same bulk as the bag of chips, and it's ....
250 calories.  Plus, you just ate no sugar, and no white flour and no icky fats.

Craving sweet?  Toast a piece of whole wheat bread and put some honey on it.
About the same size as a cookie, just as filling, just as sweet, whole grain, no sugar
250 calories.

So I can have my body con, my emotional food fix, for half the calories, and way more nutrients.   Maybe this is a news flash only for me, but just in case there are others out there who never stopped to do the math.  Here it is.  From now on, I'm keeping a loaf of whole wheat bread and a squeeze bottle of honey at the office.  When cookie-craving time rolls around...

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