Friday, January 21, 2011

Hand operated coffee grinder

My little hand-operated coffee grinder has been so much fun.  I grind just enough coffee for a morning cup, enjoyed by the little window in my living room.  And I don't have to endure the piercing scream of a plug in grinder.  After that noise, I need a valium to calm me down, not coffee to wake me up!

This morning, I grind some coffee, then start my nice chewy Scottish oatmeal boiling.  And it ocurrs to me:  I have fresh flax seed in the spice cabinet.  I wonder if I can use my little grinder to make freshly ground flax seed?

And sure enough, the grinder comes apart easily, for a quick washing.  Back together, flax into the machine, a few cranks, and I have beautiful, aromatic, nutty flaxmeal.  This sprinkles on top of the oatmeal, along with a teaspoon of olive oil.



  1. Just a note:

    I got my little grinder at the kitchen store in down town Eugene. It cost 28 bucks.

  2. I really need one of electric grinder died and I haven't replaced it. I think I subconsciously haven't wanted to, for exactly the reason you gave--that damn noise is so jarring, especially first thing in the morning.