Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Walk it away

Monday ended on a stressful note at the office.  So good to go to the car, change into my hiking boots, and shoulder my little pack.  I have about fifteen pounds of climbing hardware in it, just to give me some weight to pull, add to the workout a little bit.

Daylight was fading as I headed up over Skinner butte and down toward the river.  The evening was so mild, I stopped and took off my puffy jacket.  Bicyclists passed me in pelotons, ringing their bells and singing "on your left" as they buzzed past.  A friend went running by the other way, turned around and walked with me for a while.  I told her of my plans to hike the crest again in a couple years.  She is planning a move to Hawaii.

The river is brown and frothy, jumping over itself to get down the hill.  It shines in the dim light of the street lights, and sings it's song to me as I walk.  At 30 minutes I turn around, very hungry now, and by the time I've unwound the distance back over the butte, food sounds really, really good.  A beer, some good company at the pub, and suddenly my day seems not so bad after all.

I slept soundly all night.

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