Sunday, January 23, 2011

Summer Day on Spencer's Butte!

What a spectacular day on the Butte!  Brittney and I were planning on a slow-ish trip up, as young Corbin, her 4 year old son was with us.  Want a great workout?  Follow a 4 year old up a mountain!  He was on fire for it, running to the crest of each hill, savoring every tall tree.  Kind of made the rest of us see it all through fresh eyes.

That is the real journey after all.  To see with new eyes.  We spend a half hour at the summt, meeting people and sunning oursevlves in unseasonable sixty degree weather.  Got a great phot of Brit and me juggling on top of the world.

Special welcome to Jaime, who is getting her very first taste of Eugene.  Welcome!  You couldn't have a better tour guide than Brittney...

Thanks to all who went, and sweetened my day...

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